Saturday 26 January 2008

Adding Intelligence to your SOA Architecture

Mark Rittman (Global Oracle Ace for BI and Director of RittmanMead ) has a great article published on otn at the moment which describes how Oracle BI EE can be integrated with Oracle SOA suite to provide increased insight into how an organisation is operating in real time.

The article got me thinking about the key stakeholders in an organisation for whom this would be important. The key buzzword here is really AGILITY. By Providing an effective SOA with integrated BI an organisation can increase an organisations agility:

  • Reduced reaction time in response to the operational environment
  • Reduction in Planning Horizon
  • IT enablement of business strategy - not limiting
  • Increased organisational capability to focus on business-oriented development projects
  • Increased leverage of "legacy" data through the ability of SOA to cope with heterogeneous environments
  • Evolution rather than revolution in the technology platform(s)
  • Potential for smaller and shorter projects with reduced risk

As ever the question is - how much do I need to spend. The products that Mark discusses in his article are not cheap - but there are open source alternatives to some components.

What is great for me is the discussions are at last moving beyond the "implementing a SOA" and evolving into "How can leverage my SOA investment"

Have a read of Mark's article and pop by his website and blog too.

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