Sunday 22 November 2009

The mobile generation

With 2009 quickly coming to an end I was reminded a few days back of what we were working on ten years ago in oracle as consultants. The Y2K and dot com money making making machines were in full flow and the dot com money men were full of promises of the benefits of a fully connected world, micro payments, and new ways of socially interacting. Back then the infrastructure and services where not quite there - but ten years on has their vision been realised?

With almost every teenage child having a mobile phone capable of accessing the Internet, messaging (SMS, instant, picture), tweeting etc and with the dawn of online app stores with items that people are prepared to utilise micropayments for, it's hard to say that they were wrong. However, instead of business 2 business or adult 2 adult embracing these technologies it is our younger generations who have not only embraced these technologies but have put it at the heart of their social interactions.

What is this social revolution doing to our societies, cultures and businesses?

Over the next few weeks I will be writing about how different types of technology are impacting the fabric of our society - in both good and bad ways (in my opinion anyway - and I would be glad to hear yours as always!).

In order to make my comments more 'real' I will be using the various technologies I will be discussing themselves and showing how they can impact the way we communicate.

...... And the first example is this blog item.....

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